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BTU’s Meridian™ family of inline diffusion furnaces and dopant application systems provide the greatest flexibility and configurability resulting in a wide range of solutions which support current and future cell structures including: p-type traditional aMeridian Inline Diffusion Systemnd PERC cells, n-type bi-facial and back contact cells. Meridian furnaces provide unparalleled thermal uniformity (±2°C) ensuring repeatable lane-to-lane sheet resistance results and junction depth control. Sheet resistances over 150 ohms per square can be easily achieved with excellent junction uniformity. Meridian furnaces can also be used for processing p-type or n-type cells due to its maximum temperature capabilities up to 1000°C, enabling phosphorous, boron or co-diffused thermal profile requirements.

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BTU International has been the trusted name for high-tech customers with a need to solve high-volume thermal processing challenges. With over 10,000 tools shipped, our ability to design, manufacture, and support advanced thermal processing equipment has been proven. Customers with high-tech operations in solar cell, electronics assembly, semiconductor packaging, nuclear fuel, fuel cell, and next generation batteries depend on BTU.