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Hygikare Bathroom and Floor Cleanser's powerful formula works quickly and effectively to wash away and dissolve tough soap scum and hard water stains caused by calcium, magnesium and other minerals in your bath or shower. Regular use will prevent mineral stain build-up.Hygikare Bathroom and Floor Cleanser's can be use as a no rinse cleaner for vinyl and ceramic floors. Never leaves a dulling, sticky film, will not hurt tile grout, keeps floors looking their best.

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Amazing Gifts is small factory that make all of our soaps, cosmetics & spa products from scratch in small batches to ensure that all products are of a high quality. Many years of testing and refining our creations have lead to our current beauty creams, cosmetics, soaps, spa accessories and health care enhancements, which are handcrafted with all natural ingredients. All of our products are made by hand. We make sure it is made to the highest standard to fill every order. We think you will find that our handmade creations are far superior to any others found in the world. We are committed to making creations that you will use, enjoy, and purchase again!