Power Dry Ultra

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Power Dry Ultra is the name for package desiccant products adsorbing moisture very strongly. Power Dry Ultra is a chemically inert calcium aluminosilicate clay which is a naturally occuring mineral as opposed to the chemically synthesized absorbent. Power Dry Ultra has very strong absorption ability and is packing paper is tear resistant, non-dusting and the absorbed moisture does not exude out. Your customers will appreciate knowing that you care enough about your products to use the very best products available to protect your product during shipment and storage. Power Dry Ultra will contribute to cost down of your company.

Company Profile

Power Dry Company has been established and recognized as a desiccant expert since September 1993. Being a leader and having largest market share in Thailand, enhances us to continuously improve our products and maintain the reputation. Power Dry Company has been granted an ISO 9001 : 2008 by UKAS to ensure its consistency in quality. Further to the commitment to deliver a higher standard of quality, the company has applied and has been approved to have FDA Approval Certificate by Food and Drug Administration of Thailand for safety use of our desiccant with food and drug.