Units for the Alcatel-Lucent 1696MS

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Dec,31, 2023

Units for the Alcatel-Lucent 1696MS We have several units available for the Alcatel-Lucent 1696MS. These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1660/1662/1642/1670/1678/1692/1626 Series. Please enquire if you are sourcing other components. jingjingzheng@ding-dian.com phone:18610929409 010-80726656 QQ:1090970811 109464206 1AB210830004 3AL95238EF 8DG17647AC 3AL86606AB 1AB210830005 3AL95238EM 8DG17647AE 3AL95238BN 1AB210830006 3AL95238DF 8DG17647AG 3AL95238BS 1AB210830007 3AL95238DH 8DG17647AQ 3AL86606AC 1AB231410004 3AL95238DM 8DG17647AS 3AL95238CA 1AB231410013 3AL95238DP 8DG17647BA 3AL95238CC 1AB231410029 3AL95238DT 8DG17647BE 3AL86607AA 1AB231410037 3AL95238CP 8DG17647BG 3AL86615AA 1AB231410038 3AL95238CR 8DG17647BL 3AL86615AB 1AB231410040 3AL95238DB 8DG17647BN 3AL86615AC 1AB231410041 3AL95238EP 8DG17647BS 3AL86615AD 1AB356630007 3AL95238ER 8DG17647CA 3AL86615AJ 1AB356630014 3AL95238ET 8DG17647CC 3AL86637AA 1AB356630016 3AL95284AA 8DG17647CE 3AL86637BA 1AB356630019 3AL97795AB 8DG17647CP 3AL86637BC 1AB356630025 3AL97795BA 8DG17647CR 3AL86637BE 1AB356630028 3AL97795BB 8DG17647CT 3AL86654AA 1AB357990001 3AL97800CA 8DG17647DB 3AL95238CE 1AB381590001 3AL97848AB 8DG17647DF 3AL86674AA 1AB382970011 3AL97875AA 8DG17647DH 3AL86703AC 1AD038600002 8DG15256AA 8DG17647DM 3AL86703AE 3AG24371AA 8DG17552AA 8DG17647DP 3AL86703AG 3AL86606AB 8DG17564AA 8DG17647DT 3AL86708AC 3AL95238EB 8DG17564AB 8DG17647EB 3AL86778AC 3AL95238ED 8DG17573AA 8DG17647ED 3AL86778AE 3AL86606AC 8DG17577AA 8DG17647EF 3AL86887AA 3AL86615AC 8DG17588AB 8DG17647EM

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Dingdian is an international distributor of new, used, and refurbished telecom equipment. Dingdian carries all major manufacturers such as Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Cisco, ADC, and many more. We are able to offer technical assistance for most of the products we sell. With an in house facility for repair and testing we are also able to offer a Warranty on all our products.