Active Control Engine Mount Solenoid (for VCM)

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Dec,31, 2023

An active control engine mount (ACM) that cancels out vibrations caused by cylinder deactivation accompanying treatment to reduce exhaust emissions and improve fuel efficiency with vibrations in opposite phase, and minimizes the transmission of vibrations to the motorcycle body. The actuator component of that ACM keeps to a minimum vibrations transmitted to the vehicle body when going from stationary to moving in accordance with signals from a dedicated ECU. We have done away with the bobbin maintaining the coil diameter with an unfused coil wire, and delivered high response and high thrust through the solid cast design of the coupler.

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At a time of substantial changes in automobiles and motorcycles, Keihin is evolving with the aim of continuing to lead the world as a "manufacturer of integrated systems." We are further broadening our old perspective of pursuing the world's highest quality for individual parts by working on advanced integration of mechanics and electronics to achieve optimization in whole energy management systems. This is a new step for Keihin.