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NM-H2 The LNI Schmidlin NM (no maintenance) Series Hydrogen Generator is the best value for money choice for gas in the laboratory. This machine can produce hydrogen with a purity of up to 99.99999% at a pressure of 155 psig and a moisture content of less than 1 ppm., And with a design that is unparalleled makes no maintenance, the machine requires water only. to generate hydrogen storage without using any solvents. Characteristics of LNI Schmidlin NM Hydrogen Generator is able to control it remotely. Features: • Ideal for creating hydrogen or fuel gas with high purity. • With capacity ranging from 100 mL / min to 1000 mL / min. • Use only distilled water to work. (Do not use solvents) • To adjust the pressure of the gas up to 155 psig. • LCD touch-screen display • Provides continuous LCD monitoring & read-out of H2 delivery pressure, H2 flow, and water quality. • To alert the user to low water levels, water quality, low pressure (leak), and the status of the UPS. • Can choose to control the stacking of units (up to 10) to create a larger capacity. • Can a PC interface to the analysis and selection functions. • Small (9 "W x 14" D x 17 "H) to suit the size of the table in the lab. • Power supply can be shared globally. • 1 year warranty • CE & CSA certified

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