Europe type beam crane

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Dec,31, 2020

Using rectangular tube for the main body , with reinforced plate internally, Modular manufacturing; Beautiful shape and high strength.2)End beam processing use combined boring and milling machine, can effectively guarantee the machining precision. 3)Connected to the main girder with a structure combination of sitting type and hanging type, by locating pin positioning as a benchmark, combining high strength bolt and girder connected into an organic whole, Nice appearance, easy installation, good stress transfer effect. 4)Cart running by tube installed in a rectangular ring four wheel set and 2 sets of driving devices. (1)Wheels using 45 # steel forging, then processed with high-frequency heat treatment, surface hardness HRC45 ~ 48, Strong and durable, enjoys advanced technology, good quality, wheel and tooth form surfaces black, rust and corrosion resistance;Car wheel axle of 45 # steel (2)Drive motor use the imported crane motor, trouble-free, no noise, starting with the buffer, high transmission efficiency, Dc electromagnetic brake,use non-asbestos copper network brake pads, safe and durable,it also has changed the problems such as past traditional electric cart bulky, motor noise big, no buffer, brake can't adjust, transmission efficiency is not ideal etc.At the ends of the beam head plate using

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