Skin Testing / Analysis Machine For Dispelling Freckle , Whiten Skin

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Dec,31, 2024

The authoritative medical research data indicates that every face needs dialysis.It is the only way to clean the skin and rejuvenate the skin,essential to the skin care in the beauty field by now. Combined the skin perspective and skin treatment,cell dialysis treatment promote the whole beauty industry to a new height.It solve the skin problem more intuitionistic microcosmic,thorough.New idea,new function,new principle,these all thoroughly break the traditional idea.This high-end instrument brings new feeling and whole heart nursing,solve rebound problem,raise an unprecedented height in globe beauty industry. Function and tender skin,postpone senility 2.dispel freckle,whiten 3.dispel forehead wrinkle,canthus wrinkle,neck wrinkle 4.Moisturize skin,active cell,full effect to repair 5.Slimming,care skin 6.dispel pouch,dark circle 7.slim face,dispel double chin

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Beijing Y&D Toplaser Technology Co., Ltd. is a leader in R&D and manufacturer of high-tech aesthetic device in China, specialized in IPL System,E-Light System, Laser for Tatttoo Removal System, RF Rejuvenation System, Laser for Hair Removal System, Co2 Laser System, 1550nm Erbium Glass Fractional Laser System, Aqua-Oxygen Equipment, LED Light Aesthetic Device and so on.With more than 10 years development, our products have been widely recognized by customers from all over the world.