Hirsutella Thompsonii

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Form Availability: Liquid The product contains highly effective naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungus that parasitizes several insect- pests of agricultural importance. Cells become hypotrophied and internal organelles and cell membranes are disrupted. Hirsutellin is a mycotoxin of a invertebrate mycopathogen determined to possess ribosomal inhibiting activity and appears to possess some specificity to invertebrate cells. The mite fungal pathogen Hirsutella thompsonii produces a single polypeptide chain, insecticidal protein named hirsutellin A (HtA) that is composed of 130 amino acid residues. This protein has been purified from its natural source and produced as a recombinant protein in Escherichia coli. HtA specifically inactivates ribosomes and produces the alpha-fragment characteristic of ribotoxin activity on rRNA. Behaving as a cyclizing ribonuclease, HtA specifically cleaves oligonucleotides that mimick the sarcin/ricin loop of the ribosome, as well as selected polynucleotides and dinucleosides. HtA interacts with phospholipid membranes as do other ribotoxins. As a consequence of its ribonuclease activity and its ability to interact with cell membranes, HtA exhibits cytotoxic activity. H. thompsonii can cause spectacular natural epizootics among mite populations (citrus rust, blueberry, coconut,tomato mites, etc.) and is considered to be one of the key natural enemies of various mite pests. Advantage:  For control of mites on all types of vegetables and fruits crops. Crops:-  For all vegetables and fruits.

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