Rain DataLogger

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Dec,31, 2020

Rain DataLogger By Kartographers Specifications - Input: 2 Wire Passive switch input from Rain Gauge. Power : Unit will operate on +12V Battery +/- 20% Display: 2 Line LCD - 8mm X 16 Characters. Line1 - Present data of last 1 Hour Line2 - Accumulated data till date Data Logging: Rainfall measured on Hourly bases and Housing temperature can be logged against time 1 Month data (Hourly bases) can be stored in on board flash memory. Connectivity: Accumulated data is available on serial port. Housing: Unbreakable plastic box (Indoor unit). Warranty: 12 Months from the date of delivery at our premises. Rain gauge sensor can be provided on request Other Products Dataloggers, AWOS, Automated Weather Observation Systems, Current Weather Monitoring System, IR Radiometer Applications, Pressure datalogger, Temperature datalogger, Pressure Sensor, Pressure Dataloggers, Wind & Solar Measuring System, Etc.

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"We are an engineering company with product offerings for Meteorological, Aviation, Agronomy and IR Radiometer applications. We have designed and developed a fully functional and affordable Automated Weather Observation Station (AWOS) accompanied with a free PC interface. Our product portfolio includes industrial grade dataloggers for measuring and monitoring Pressure and Temperature, and each product comes with a free PC interface. With a flexible product design, we allow our clients to easily replace and configure different sensors/inputs.We adopt optimum design and development principles to deliver quality products at an affordable cost. With a strong expertise and profound knowledge in Aviation, Meteorology, Agronomy, Industrial Automation domains we are well equipped to undertake maintenance contracts as well. We have a team of dedicated resources working towards IT Solutions, eCommerceApplications and Custom Web application development along with System Testing and Integration and Hosting services."