Silica Rubber

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Package£ºYOZHO®553££ has 5kg¡¢20kg package.
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Dec,31, 2023

Profile£ºYOZHO®553# is two-component RTV silicone rubber, component A and component B has been mixed by the certain proportion, the combination which can be made of different hardness elastomer¡£ Characteristics ¡¢Application£º 1£®Low viscosity, Good degassing properties, easy operating¡£ 2£®Products for soft, elastic, easy demould¡£ 3£®Good ink transfer properties in pad printing¡£ 4£® Good effect of curing at room temperature£¬preparation of different hardness varieties, adapt to a variety of applications, non-deforming.

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Founded in 2001,13years of professional organic silicone new material research and development, production and service experience.