silica sand, silica powder, silca lump, fused silica sand, fused silica powder, fused silica lump

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Dec,31, 2023

The details of our products are as followings: 1. Quartz(Silica)Sand high purity grade: SiO2:99.60%min-99.98%min ; Fe2O3 :1-35ppm Max.; size:2-200 mesh refined grade: SiO2 :99.50%min-99.90% min ; Fe2O3 : 50-300ppm Max.; size:2-325 mesh General grade:SiO2 :98.00%min-99.50% min ; Fe2O3 : 400 -1200ppm Max.; size:2-400 mesh 2. Quartz(Silica) Stone special grade: SiO2:99.96%min; Fe2O3: 40ppm Max. 1st grade: SiO2:99.90%min; Fe2O3: 40ppm Max. 2nd grade: SiO2:99.80%min; Fe2O3:100ppm Max. 3rd grade: SiO2:99.60%min; Fe2O3:300ppm Max. 3. Fused Quartz(Silica) 1st grade: SiO2:99.9% min ; Fe2O3: 30ppm Max.. 2nd grade: SiO2:98.0% min; Fe2O3: 60ppm Max.. 3rd grade: SiO2:97.0% min ; Fe2O3: 100ppm Max.. 4.Fused Quartz(Silica) Powder SiO2:98.0-99.9% Max.; Fe2O3 : 3-180ppm Max.; size:4-600mesh. 5. Micro-silica Powder (1) SiO2:99.90%min; Fe2O3: 8ppm Max.; Al2O3 :50ppm Max; size:300 mesh (2) SiO2:99.80%min; Fe2O3: 8ppm Max.;Al2O3 :50ppm Max;size:400 mesh (3) SiO2:99.70%min; Fe2O3:9ppm Max.;Al2O3 :60ppm Max; size :600 mesh (4) SiO2:99.60%min; Fe2O3:30ppm Max.;Al2O3 :200ppm Max;size:800 mesh

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