DJ1250 CNC ANGLE Rotation Band Saw Machine

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Dec,31, 2024

The machine is mainly used for cutting H-beam, channel, box beams, bar and other sections of the workpiece, superior performance, with high precision sawing, cutting power, easy operation, high production efficiency. ▲Use of the touch screen can be pre-entered parameters of theworkpiece, sawing automatically adjust the course of their work will be basedon the input of workpiece parameters; processing parameter data can displayreal-time display and monitoring. ▲Movablesaw blade guide and side clamping device co-movement, structural stability,flexible movement. ▲Rotarytable gantry structure, good rigidity, stable and strong, cutting-sectionalflat. ▲Band saw blades using hydraulic tensioner, the saw blade is in the fastmovement also maintain the tension, to extend blade life, the user can adjustthe pressure in accordance with the steel reinforced size; but also when thesaw blade fracture detection apparatus, if machine adverse conditions Themachine auto-sensing and shutdown or failure. ▲The machine has functions: rotation 0 ° ~45 ° without moving the workpiece rotating machine can be completed at anyangle between 0 ° ~ 45 ° miter.

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Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise certificated by Chinese Government, mainly engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling of CNC drilling, milling, punching, and other Optical-electronic-mechanical Integration CNC equipments. The purpose of Supertime is to timely and promptly track international new technologies and make continuous innovation in technology for manufacturing high-grade equipments, to advance the level of equipment manufacture industry with information technology.