CNC Angles Automatic Punching, Marking, Single Shearing Production Line

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Dec,31, 2024

The production line is composed of infeed transfer table unit, rotating loading unit, feeding conveyor unit, marking unit, two punching units, shearing unit, outfeed conveyor unit, hydraulic system and electrical control system etc. ▲Model JX1412Ais equipped with two punches in each side of punching unit. The marking unit isequipped with four groups of character drawers. The three CNC axes can achieve theadjustment of hole distance and stadia, high precision positioning. ▲“International brand hydraulic elements, pneumaticelements, electric elements equipped on the machine to ensure that the system can run long time reliably. Using the newestSupertime software, easy programming and management. ▲“X”axis is equipped with an encoder, so closed-loopcontrol system makes positioning accurately. ▲Shearing unit is single blade cutting, economizematerials, equipped with material press unit, press balanced, enhance press force, ensure the machine running stably.

Company Profile

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise certificated by Chinese Government, mainly engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling of CNC drilling, milling, punching, and other Optical-electronic-mechanical Integration CNC equipments. The purpose of Supertime is to timely and promptly track international new technologies and make continuous innovation in technology for manufacturing high-grade equipments, to advance the level of equipment manufacture industry with information technology.