THEBEN (LUXOR 400 Base Module Living Comfort Controller)

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Dec,31, 2023

Features • 1 Channel • DuoFix spring terminals for 2 conductors each • Text-orientated user guidance in display – Preset date and time – Fully operable without mains connection • 56 Memory locations • Interface for OBELISK top2 memory card (PC programming) – 2 insertable switching programs – Copying programs – Storing programs • 10-Year power reserve (lithium battery) • Zero-cross switching for relay-saving switching and high lamp loads (not with 24 V devices) • On-Off switching times • Switching preselection • Permanent switching ON/OFF • Integrated operating hour counter with reset option and service function for monitoring maintenance intervals • Holiday program • Display back light (can be turned off) • PIN coding • Automatic summer/winter time changeover – Can be deactivated – Date rule options are already stored for Europe, USA and other countries – Own data rule options or changeover around set dates are available

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