Touch Panels

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A touch panel is an input device layered on top of a visual display module. It recognizes input through touching with a finger or a stylus. A single, thin glass is used that has electrodes on a surface to detect the touched location. The signals, which are denoted by its X and Y position are transmitted through a flexible printed circuit (FPC) connected to an integrated circuit (IC). Popularity of touch panels is increasing to due its use in most personal devices such as smartphones and tablets. Other uses includes car dashboards, automated teller machines and home appliances such as ovens, washing machines, etc. Machine controls in factories are also using some forms of touch panels.

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Futaba Corporation was established in 1948 by a group of engineers to manufacture vacuum tubes. In Japanese, “futari” means two people, and Futaba was named after the two founders, Mr. Goro Eto and Mr. Reiji Hosoya, who started the business in Chi—ba. “Futaba” also means the first two leaves from a seed in Japanese. The founders envisioned the new company as a seed leaf starting to grow on the completely burned down country by the war. They strongly hoped to grow and nurture the company like a b