Electro-hydraulic orange peel grab

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Dec,31, 2020

Electro hydraulic orange peel grabs for loading and discharging of scrap, mixed scrap, compacted car bodies, small rocks etc. and is to be fitted on cranes with one single drum (ship board cranes). we delivers various models of cactus grabs, each model accustomed to the material to be handled. There are different grabs for the various types of scrap, for stones, for pig iron, waste, woodchips etc. If the ships cranes are not executed with accessories yet, we can also supply accessories which need to be mounted on your ships cranes for operation of the grabs. NOTE:please show these informaions in your inquire : one : how much is your crane total lifting capacity ? which material the grab will unload ? or two :if you have ensure the grab volume,then tell me which material the grab will unload ? we can provide a perfect proposal for you with the informations you give to us .

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