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End Carriage Wheel Kits, is an essential parts for Top run End Carriage, it includes Geard wheels, Plain wheels, Shafts(axles), Bearings, Spacers and Keepers. which is also called End carriage wheels, Crane wheels, Wheel kits, End truck wheels, End truck wheel kits, Steel crane wheels. Crane wheel Assembly are technically advanced and successfully used in different industries like Steel Plant, Rolling Mill, Cement Plant, Fertilizer Plant, Paper Mill, Chemical Industries etc. Forged Crane Wheels are available in Crane potation hardness up to 40 Rc including our standard heat treatments. Crane wheels are also able to be Deep Hardened for heavy wear or load requirements. Some explaination for catalogue GW = geared wheel = active wheel PW = plain wheel = non-geared wheel = driven wheel Shaft is also called axle, keeper called Axle Keeper. For each end truck we use 3 short spacers and one long spacer (there would be three L and one M per end truck). Long spacer is used on non-geared wheel for difference in dimension E with geared wheel. Our wheel kits is suited in normal different size ASCE rail and square bars Maximum wheel load is 1.25 time of the rated wheel load, such as GW180PW180, rated load is 3200kg, maximum load is 3200*1.25=4000kg. On geared wheel, bearing is somewhat big and small at the beginning, after some time running it will be ok, it rotates in low speed and requirement is not so strict. On non-geared wheel (plain wheel), bearing does not rotate. Bearings should never wear in and be OK after a while. When we build into crane and geared wheel moves crane non geared wheel will turn but inner race of bearing turns on shaft. So the hole for the bearings should be .003 to .005 interference smaller than the OD of the bearings. Otherwise, bearings insert in the wheels do not turn, too much interference will wear shaft out. Accessories of quantity for wheel set, dimension could be customized. 2 pcs geard wheels per set of wheel 2 pcs plain wheels per set of wheel 4 pcs shafts(axles) per set of wheel 8 pcs bearings per set of wheel 6 pcs short spacers per set of wheel 2 pcs long spacers per set of wheel 4 pcs keepers A per set of wheel (with bolts and spring washers) 4 pcs keepers B per set of wheel

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Sky Ram hoists, focus on Electric Chain Hoist, Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Manual Hoist and Crane Components. electric chain hoist: 0.5T-35T electric wire rope hoist: 0.5T-20T manual hoist: chain hoist: 0.5T-50T lever hoist: 0.75T -9T AIl the products are follow up standards of EC, FEM, DIN, CMAA and UL/CSA. are ISO9001, CE, GS, SGS approved. Sky Ram products are one year for fully guarantee. And in this year if the products broken caused by Mechanical problem, all of the spare part is free. The service of the products are all though the products’ life. More details pls visit our website: