Which reasons lead to the displacement of spiral cylinder?

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Dec,31, 2023

The ball mill in production in frequent spiral tube and hollow shaft fracture connecting bolts, spiral tube ran out of the shift condition.China mobile crushers What causes these situations? To predict and see if the ball mill decomposition: Ball mill is thermal power plant boiler auxiliary equipments,China mobile crushers feeding and discharging the ball mill hollow shaft installed in the spiral tube, spiral tube material for QT60-2, spiral casting in the cylinder of a spiral line, the helix is left spin or dextral mill body according to the direction of rotation decision, and the material into pushed by screw in the body after grinding mill or launched in vitro. Spiral tube into the hollow shaft, before its outside wall winding multilayer asbestos cloth, thickness 30 ~ 40 ram to reduce heat spread to bearing lining.China mobile crushers Ball mill barrel surface and the spiral hollow shaft for clearance fit this in L, design the minimum clearance o. 5 ram, the biggest asked gap 1.China Mobile crushers12 ram, ball mill barrel spiral be in place later, using bolt will spiral tube and hollow shaft with links to set, make the spiral tube and hollow shaft no relative motion. Towel in ball mill barrel surface and the spiral hollow shaft this with a gap in L,China Mobile crushers in the mill body rotation, spiral tube in hollow shaft in the hole in the oval track of sports. In addition,China Mobile crushers ball mill barrel screw conveying material produces in the process of the axial reaction and steel ball hammer the vibrations, cause of bolt looseness slip wire forming links phenomenon, resulting in ball mill spiral tube run H shift. If know will investigate fruit, and look for you next time the ball mill decomposition: how to prevent the ball mill spiral tube shift? Hongxing perennial production of high quality the ball mill, the small ball mill, ceramics ball mill,Limestone rotary kiln the ball mill, energy saving ball mill, overflow ball mill, etc. The above is the ball mill barrel to spiral the main factors of displacement, if you have other questions about the needs of ball mill in consultation, please contact us as soon as we serve for you with all sincerity Limestone rotary kiln£ºwww.hxjqcrusher.com/Rotary-kiln.html Limestone rotary kiln£ºwww.hxjqcrusher.com/Rotary-kiln.html Limestone rotary kiln£ºwww.hxjqcrusher.com/Rotary-kiln.html

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