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resolvers are designed for extreme environments that range from vacuum and extreme cold of outer space to the high pressures and temperatures of oil and gas exploration applications. They contain no internal electronics or optics and are unaffected by electrical noise, heat, shock and vibration. The angular position sensors are used in most severe environments as required in the Space, Aerospace & Defense and Oil Service Industries. High reliability Accuracy up to 5 Arc Seconds Brush or Brushless less designs Housed or as compact pancake designs Single and Multi-Speed Designs up to 64 speeds Frequency: 400-100,000 Hz Sizes up to OD 13.4 inches Rotary Transformers High immunity to electrical noise Variable reluctance resolvers • Space qualified resolvers • Standard and Custom Designs • Space mechanism • Synchros • Custom designs • Solar Array/Panel Deployment • Antenna Pointing Mechanisms • Instrument Positioning • Hold-Down & Release Mechanisms • Oil and gas exploration tools • Downhole drilling tools

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Founded in 1849, commun is a global provider of manufacturing and engineering services, developing innovative electronic, engineered and structural solutions for complex applications in aerospace, defense and industrial markets.