cordierite honeycomb ceramic catalyst carrier for vehicle exhaust

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Manufacturing Technology: Owning the key technologies of raw material processing and honeycomb ceramic manufacturing, which are the latest research results from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics and the advanced equipment enable our company to solve the technological problems and make a breakthrough in producing thin wall cordierite honeycomb carriers whose structures and properties are adjustable according to different applications and which meet the emission standards of EU IV and above. Features: 1¡¢High specific surface area, high catalytic conversion 2¡¢Low pressure drop, low engine load and energy consumption 3¡¢Low volume, downsized automobile exhaust catalytic converters 4¡¢Low weight/volume ratio, low heat capacity, rapid heating 5¡¢Low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal shock resistance 6¡¢Ideal matching with various active catalyst components

Company Profile

Jiangxi Gaohuan Porcelain Technology Inc. was established in May 2011. It is located in the National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Jingdezhen. It has strong competitiveness with a registered capital of 50 million RMB and 91 percent of shares was held by Jingdezhen Coal&Coke Group Co., Ltd, which is the largest enterprise in Jingdezhen, achieved revenues of 10.2 billion RMB in 2012. As one of the best equipped and most technologically-advanced companies in China, Jiangxi Gaohuan Porcelain Technology Inc. specialize in the development and production of cordierite ceramic honeycomb catalyst to support for gasoline vehicle exhausted system. The cordierite ceramic honeycomb acts as the carrier of the precious metal catalysts, promoting the catalytic reaction of harmful exhaust gases like HC、CO and NO and turning the gases into harmless emission. The company has been produced 3 million L/y honeycomb ceramic carriers annually and will develop into 10 million L/y in 3 years. It can manufacture customized honeycomb ceramic products to meet different needs.