Ceramic Fiber Cloth

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Dec,31, 2021

Introduction Ceramic Fiber Cloth is produced by high quality refractory ceramic fiber and woven from yarn. It can be used for high temperature applications up to1050¡ãC. The cloth is reinforced with fiberglass filament, and optional SUS304 wire (Inconel/alloy steel wire). Or even short working temperature could be reached to 1260¡ãC. It has good resistance to acid corrosion, resistant aluminum, zinc and other molten metal erosion. Parameter table Type Data Color White Max working temp 1260¡ãC Fiber diameter 3~5¦Ìm Heat shrinkage£¨1232¡ãC£¬24h£© 3.5% Thermal conductivity£¨538¡ãC£¬8pcf£© 0.130w/mk Al2O3 45~48% Fe2O3 0.7~1.2% CaO&NaCl 0.43% Shot < 8.5% Breakdown voltage 5kv/mm Resistance 5x10 10¦¸ Moisture content < 2% Organic fiber content < 20% Continuous working temp: 1050¡ãC (1900¡ãF); Maximum working temp: 1260¡ãC (2300¡ãF); Ceramic fiber cloth Type Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Weight (g/m2) Weave Reinforcement Working Temperature ( ¡ãC) CC2G 2 1000 1000 Plain Fiberglass Filament 650 CC3G 3 1000 1400 Plain CC5G 5 1000 2300 Twill CC6G 6 1000 2600 Twill CC2S 2 1000 1100 Plain SUS304 wire (Stainless steel wire) 1050 CC3S 3 1000 1500 Plain CC5S 5 1000 2400 Twill Roll length: CC5G,CC6G and CC5S is 20m/roll, other is 30m/roll Type Thickness (in) Width (in) Weight (oz/m2) Weave Reinforcement Working Temperature ( ¡ãF ) CC2G 1/16"(0.08) 39.4 33.0 Plain E-glass Filament 1200 CC3G 3/32"(0.12) 39.4 49.4 Plain CC5G 5/32"(0.20) 39.4 81.1 Twill CC6G 3/16"(0.24) 39.4 91.7 Twill CC2S 1/16"(0.08) 39.4 38.8 Plain Inconel/alloy steel wire 1900 CC3S 3/32"(0.12) 39.4 52.9 Plain CC5S 5/32"(0.20) 39.4 84.7 Twill Roll length: CC5G,CC6G and CC5S is 21.9yard/roll, other is 33yard/roll Other thickness and width will be available on request. Application  High temperature insulation of kilns, pipes and vessels;  Sealing of doors, valves, flanges;  Raw material of fire doors and fire shutters;  High temperature furnace curtain;  Insulation of engine and instrument;  Fireproof cable coverings and high temperature fireproof materials;  Covering insulation cloth;  Flue liner and other high temperature filtration;  Sound-absorbing and other used to replace asbestos applications; Typical applications of ceramic fiber cloth include: expansion joints, safety blankets, curtains, welding blankets, protective and insulating covers, shields, gaskets, cable or pipe wrapping, etc. It has been widely used in welding, foundry works, aluminum and steel mills, boiler insulation and seal, shipyards, refineries, power plants and chemical plants.

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