BT-250DM Pre-made pouch filling sealing machine for pillow bag, stand-up pouch and zipper bag

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Dec,31, 2021

Working procedures: 1. Automatic bag feeding system and bag picking-up system 2. Bag opening 3. Dosage and filling 4. Sealing and output Dosage system Powder (like protein powder, coffee powder, etc): equip auger filler Granule (like nuts, almonds, candy, pet food,): equip multi head weigher or linear weigher Liquid or ketchup (like washing liquid, tomato ketchup, etc): equip piston filler Technical data: Pre-made bag style: pillow bag, quad seal bag, stand-up pouches, zipper bag Pre-made bag size: Bag length: 150-330mm, Bag width: 100-250mm Package range: max 2000grm Power supply: 220/380V, 50-60Hz Total power: 2Kw Air source: 0.6Mpa Packing speed: 10-15bags/min Machine weight: 550KG Machine size: 2500*1240*1505mm

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