Mobile Drum Mix Asphalt Plant

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Dec,31, 2023

The HLB series mobile drum mix asphalt plant is basically of four types: HLB-8, HLB-15, HLB-20, and HLB-30, which derive their name from their particular production capacity. The equipment is well designed and manufactured in response to the market demand. It differs from traditional ones in that its drum can rotate in the reversed direction to push the concrete towards the discharge chute. This drum mixer is also known for its dual drum configuration and a unique bag-house which is fitted in the middle of the plant. Conventional drum mixers have multiple advantages such as ease of measuring, accurate batching ratio, and reliable mixing quality. This series of asphalt plant combines those said advantages of traditional mixer with the salient features of newly emerging ones. It brings to the market a proved design for use in the construction and maintenance of asphalt road.

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Quanzhou Nanqiao Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in producing whole sets of road-building machinery.