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Complies with IMO A.861(20), IEC 61996, IEC 60945 Reliable and fast data exchange between data collecting and data recording units via a single IEEE1394 cable Easy setup by using PC with Web Browser 12-hour recording of data with standard memory UTC time tagged for system synchronization and easy data retrieval Choice of flash memory capacity in the data recording unit Removable Hard Disk for backup of data stored in the Data Recording Unit

Company Profile

Queens Radio Marine Electronics’ portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of total solutions in the supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of marine navigational equipment for commercial vessels and naval applications. Key clientèle are ship builders, fisheries, port authorities, department of defence establishments and small boat builders. This offering is further strengthened by a superlative after sales service, supported by a bonded warehouse facility and a fully-fledged workshop facility manned by qualified engineers trained at manufacturer facilities worldwide.