Low-Emissivity Coating Glass

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Dec,31, 2020

Low-Emissivity Coating Glass Low emissivity coating glasses are manufactured through coating several layer of metal oxide films on high quality SGG transparent float glasses or tint glasses by the means of vacuum magnetism control and cathodic sputtering. Through different kinds of combination of metal oxide films, low emissivity coating glass is of good selection towards spectrum. It is able to received of great deal of near infrared and visible light to assure the brightness indoors. It can also prevent medium infrared an far infrared produced by heat source radiation. Thus, in hot summer, it is able to prevent the slolar radiation heat from entering the buildings to assure cool indoors; and in cold in winter, it is able to made the radiation heat of air-conditioners and warming apparatus reflected indoors, but not get out of the buildings through paaing common glasses. Therefore, its good heat insulation performance can save the energy consumption of buildings greatly.

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