Fungicide guanidine, dodecyl,monohydro chloride CAS NO.13590-97-1

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Dec,31, 2024

Other names: Guanidine, N-dodecyl-, hydrochloride (1:1) Caswell No. 418A Cytox 2013 Dodecylguanidine hydrochloride Durotex 7487-A EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 044303 Metasol DGH N-Dodecylguanidine hydrochloride Chemical structural formula£º C13H30CLN3 Nature£º Appearance: light yellow or colorless liquid Active matter content: ¡Ý35% Molecular weight: 263.91 Toxicity: mouse nip: LD50 is 700mg/L Feature£º The product will be ionize into cationic active groups in the water, has the ability to Strip microbial membrane and sterilization. This product is fast light heat-resisting, compression resistance, stable, long-term storage does not affect the quality. Belongs to the Sterilization materials which has permeability can destroy bacteria cell wall and cell membrane. Purpose£º 1. Hard surface cleaner. 2. Used in disinfection, corrosion, emulsification, detergency, solubilization. 3. In industrial water treatment, as the product has strong microbicidal efficacy, less toxicity and no cumulative toxicity, dissolved in water, easy to use, and has a strong ability of exfoliation, it especially suitable for large-scale petrochemical installations, power plants and other circulating cooling water biocide agent and sludge remover, used to control the breeding of accumulate dirt and dirt in circulating cooling water system. 4. Add pulp, can inhibit the growth of gold radiodurans, which can effectively kill the algae and bacteria. 5. Has a strong dispersion to inorganic salts and oxides, has special meaning to cooling water treatment. Usage£º Dosing concentration is£¨3¡ª10£©mg/L , better effect when it cooperate with chlorine dioxide. Packaging and Storage£ºThe product is packaged by 50KG wide mouth plastic drum. Store in a cool room£¬Storage period is two year.

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Jiangxi SIMO Biological Chemical Co. Ltd is the main base of effectively turning Institute’s technology into productive forces, it covers a total area of 36000 square meters and owns workshops of 20000 square meters. Our seven product lines are industrial surfactant series, everyday use chemicals, textile auxiliary series, fungicide series, water treatment agent series, oil field auxiliary additive series, unsaturated polymer resin series with annual output of 100000 tons. With the powerful technological background, the company has a technical team in decades production and a group of senior engineers who engaged in the production application, which lays a solid basis for the rapid development of the company. Jiangxi SIMO Biological Chemical Co. Ltd is executing our concept as “Customer Foremost, Honesty Based, High quality & Low Prices, Hi-tech Innovation� to provide customers with high quality products. We warmly welcome the business partners from all over the world to get the success together and own the magnificent future.