dextrose monohydrate(glucose)

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Dextrose is highly nutritious and easily digested because of its purity and because it is a standardized food form of the basic sugar which humans and animals absorb and use in their bloodstreams.An economical source of carbohydrates,it sweetens products like chewing gum lightly.In jams,jellies,preserves and icing mixes it is used to temper the intense sweetness of sucrose but offers another advantage;it maintains moisture so products don't go stale.Dextrose has proved to be an excellent food for yeast to grow on during fermentation.The pharmaceutic industry is the single largest user of dextrose;it is the starting point for manufacturing vitamin C and is used in fermentation to produce penicillin and other antibiotics.Recently dextrose has gained importance in other fermentation applications--as a yeast food in brewing low calorie beers and as a feedstock for producing citric acid,lysine and other chemicals.In baking,another major market,dextrose again serves as a yeast food,but it also gives sweetness and improves the color and texture of breads,buns and rolls.

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