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Tourgo Electronics Co., all kinds of Truss,such as Aluminum Truss ,Bolt Truss,Spigot Truss ,Truss system ,Screw Truss ,Speaker Trusses ,Lighting Trusses..etc TG aluminum trusses are commonly used in a variety of different fields. Our truss are easy to be set up & disassembled. From small lighting designs, exhibition and display booths to a large scale stage structures, you always could find a convenient solution and guidance from us. We have professional engineer team to design the most satisfactory truss system according to your requirements. We have full experience to offer you the most cost performance solution. With our outstanding quality and excellent service, come on let's dress up your events in a worriless way! What's spigot truss and bolt truss? Spigot truss system is defined by the connection of the trussing segments by spigots. There is always a female set of spigot connectors on one side of the truss and a male set on the other so the segments can be put together easily. The connection is secured by special spigot truss pin Bolt truss represents a traditional type of connection. The trussing segments are connected by bloting aluminum plates together Spigot truss sizes: 230x230mm / 290x290mm / 390x390mm / 520x520mm and etc Bolt truss sizes: 100x100mm / 150x150mm / 200x200mm / 250x250mm / 300x300mm / 350x350mm / 400x400mm, 450x450mm / 400x600mm / 500x500mm / 500x600mm / 520x760mm / 600x760mm / 760x910mm and etc Some examples of weight loading capacity: 250*250mm 50*3mm 25*2mm 350KG 10M 300*300mm 50*3mm 30*2mm 375KG 14M 350*350mm 50*3mm 50*2mm 450KG 15M 400*400mm 50*3mm 50*2mm 475KG 16M 450*450mm 50*3mm 50*2mm 500KG 17M 500*500mm 50*3mm 50*2mm 550KG 19M 500*600mm 50*3mm 50*2mm 600KG 20M 760*520mm 50*4mm 50*2mm 1000KG 22M 760*600mm 50*4mm 50*2mm 1500KG 26M

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Tourgo (Tourgo Electronics Co., Ltd) are specialists in the design and manufacture Flight Case, Road Case, Interpreter Booths, Aluminum Truss System , Portable Stage System, Pipe and Drape, Dance Floor, Crowd Barrier, Event Tent in China. Founded in 1998, over the years we have watched the concept grow and gain a reputation for providing Quality Equipment. This alone would not have been enough without having a conscientious team that take pride in the work they do.