Convection Oven

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Dec,31, 2023

Description: Convection Oven Features: 1.Smokeless 2.Saves up to 20% of electricity than standard ovens 3.Easy to operate, just set the time and temperature, it will cook quickly as microwave oven . 4.Save the nutrition: with hot moving air,food can be symmetrically toasted, according with the dietetics theory ,keep major nutrition . 5.Not-toxic and non-radioactive: with hot wave airflow, non-radioactive, fit for the family which has woman and children 6.Glass door to see the cooking process . 7.Multi-functions: it can replace standard oven, grill, deep fryer,microwave oven and so on. The stainless pot also can be used on gas stove for boiling. 8.Safety: Power switch handle, when take up the handle, the power is off, when put down the handle, the power is on. 9.With electron control, the time and temperature of toasting are more exact. 10.Adopt computer illegibility technology; eight kinds of functions, you can chose the relevant button, it can offer you the toast pattern you need. 11.According to your taste, choose the button to set up the time and temperature you need. 12.Automatic heat preservation, automatic switch.

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