Pigment Blue 15:4--Fast Blue BGNCF

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Dec,31, 2023

Pigment Blue 15:4-Fast Blue BGNCF CAS No.: 147-14-8 EU No.: 205-685-1 C.I.No.: 74160 Formula: C32H16CuN8 Molecular weight:576.07 Foreign relative brand to Pigment Blue 15:4: Catulia Cyanine LJS(FRAN) Fastogen Blue 5485(DIC) Foscolor Phthalo Blue 15:4(FOS) Heliogen Blue D 7150T (BASF) Kenalake Blue BG-NFAC(HAYS) Lionol Blue FGX(ZEN) Phthalocyanine Blue 2792(SUD) Sunyo Cyanine Blue KRG(SCW) Sunfast Blue 15:4(249-8450)(SNCG) Following are the technical data sheet of Pigment Blue 15:4: Shade Greenish Specific Gravity (g/cm3 H2O = 1) 1.5 Bulk density (lb/gal) 13.1-14.7 Melting Point(¡æ) 480 Average partical (nm) 78 Surface area (m2/g) 38-95 PH value 7 Oil absorption(g/100g) 45 Tinting strength Transparent Company code No. Product Name Application UN8633 Fast Blue BGNCF greenish, anti-crystallizing, anti-floccuiating, complex inks UN8634 Fast Blue BGNCF Greenish, bright colored, anti-crystallizing, anti-flocculating,solvent inks, nitrocellulose inks

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