Flexible Impellers

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Dec,31, 2024

We can manufacture Flexible Impellers that meets specific technical requirements. We are professional manufacturer of Molded Rubber Parts, providing Flexible Impellers & Rubber Bushings with superior quality. If you are searching for high quality Flexible Impellers, please do not hesitate to contact us. Flexible Impellers are provided for outboard engines and fishing boat engines. The quality of our flexible impellers can reach zero head 1000HRxRPM1720xRT¢XC. Currently we provide OEM pump impellers to customers.

Company Profile

Ultimate Quality Control In order to maintain quality in component materials, our compounders’ laboratories perform exclusive tests such as rheometer, tensile, ozone, etc. We use these tools to ensure consistent levels of quality in your product. Process controls, in compliance with ISO 9001 standards, provide strict adherence to dimensional, technical and cosmetic specifications