stimulation chines style portrait

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Dec,31, 2024

Grand Master Hsing Yun's panper works are written without any letup£¬belonging to cursive style. Because of excessive hunger in childhood, Hsing Yun suffers from diabetes, Then, the complication make his visual acuity fuzzy, causing great diffifulties in reading and writing. He gets his paper work done without any letup no matter how many words there are because he figures out the distance between word and word by heart. Grand Master Hsing Yun's works reach the acme of perfection that is good in content and beauty in form. His calligraphy works are beyond the general requirements and not been restricted by theory.One can not find any technique, intrigue, momentum, or standard stroke in his writing but it is spiritual and vivid. Our customize business is lunched on high level stimulation,especially for the eminent monks' and virtuosos' painting and calligraphy. Company is eqquipted with 18-meters HD mobile scanner by applying excellent color management system and advanced micro spray output technology.

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Books are only recoders of culture, while art & craft use its unique and beauty to elaborate the gloriousness of culture.We are glad to have more people see pretty outlooking of chinese culture, but we are more eager to get more friends feel the charming of Chinese culture. Our campany supply Chinese painting, treasures of the study gift set, printed calligraphy and ceramics. Our products may be not very expensive, but they are priceless.