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Dec,31, 2020

Rubber acceleratorsTMTM(MS,TS) Rubber additives MS Rubber accelerators TMTM Rubber auxiliary TS specification Chemical Analysis: Product Name Rubber Accelerator TMTM (TS) Chemical Name: Tetramethyl thiuram monosulfide CAS No. 97-74-5 Molecular Formula C6H12N2S3 Molecular Weight: 208.40 Product Information: Specification Appearance (visual inspection): Yellow powder Assay content %  ~ 95 Initial M.P.  £¤~ 100 Loss on drying %: 0.50 Ash content %: 0.50 Compacted bulk density (kg/m3): 500-540 Residues(150um) %: 0.50 Bulk density (kg/m3): 400-440 Density at 20£¤  (g/cm3) 1.400 Typical Properties Yellow powder The specific density is 1.37-1.40. No osmyl and no taste. Soluble in Benzene, Acetone, C2H4Cl2, CS2, toluene,party soluble in alcohol, diethyl ether, insoluble in water and gasoline. Recommended Applications TMTM can be used as a booster for thiazoles and guanidines in general purpose is distingusihes by very good processing  safety  in  comparison  with  other  thiurams,  high  curing  activity  and  absolutely  no  discoloration.  it  is frequentlyused together with sulfenamides in camelback compounds giving rapid cure in combination with good green stock storage stability.And it is an excellent accelerator fir the vulcanization of polychloroprene. Handling and Storage recommendations StoreTMTM in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight. Usually the shelf time is 12 months while the recommend use of date is 6 months. E-mail:[email protected] MSN:[email protected] Skype:jeanlinzz

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Guangzhou Chengbang Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd is supplies Rubber chemicals from China , main products as followings: 1.RubberAccelerator BZ,CBS(CZ),DM(MBTS),DPG ,DPTT,EZ(LDA/ZDC/ZDEC),ETU(NA-22/CLB),TMTD(TT/TMT/DTMT),TMTM(MS/TS),NOBS(MOZ/MSA/MOR),NS(NZ/TBBS),MZ,M 2.Rubber Antioxidant:SP-C,SP-P,DFC-34,RD(TQ/TMQ),4010N(IPPD/3C,4020(ZC/6PPD),MB(MMB) 3. Rubber vulcanizer 4. Anti-reversion Agent 5.Anti-scorching Agent :PVI(CTP/P/G/G80) 6. Dispersing Agent 7.Peptizer SJ-103 8. Tackifying Resin 9.Reinforcing Resin 10.Vulcanizing Resin 11.Zinc Oxide 12.Insoluble Sulfur 13.Rubber Protecting Wax LY-1 14.Rubber Plasticizer A