Single surface grinding machine __Hermos grinding equipment

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Single surface grinding machine __Hermos grinding equipment Shenyang Hermos single surface grinding machine is mainly used in bearings , hydraulic, pneumatic, aerospace, engineering machinery , air conditioning compressor ,auto parts , oil pump ,nozzle ,motorcycles and other industries. Hermos single surface grinding machine Features: 1. The machine adopts double workbench with optional automatic up-down material device , which can shorten the grinding time greatly and realize rapid processing of workpiece . 2. Spindle equipped with rectangular plastic slide guide has strong capacity and good vibration resistance . 3. Spindle feed transmission makes the spindle feed more stable and accurate with worm gear pair and precision ball screw, etc . 4. Human touch interface makes it easy to operate. Real-time monitoring of workpiece machining process information, automatic memory production date and electric energy date ,convenient for enterprises to carry out the relevant statistics. 5. We set different operating level to ensure that the key parameter of machine too is not easy to be changed, to prevent wrong operation machine malfunction and damage . Product warranty : Under normal use ,there is free require of equipment damage caused by product quality ,within six months from delivery date . Product maintenance : We provide lifetime products door-to-door maintenance and parity supply of spare parts for the customer .

Company Profile

Shenyang Hermos is a leading company in CNC machine making, with a technology team of more than 12 years experience in CNC machine producing and processing. The air conditioning compressor vane CNC double end face grinding machine Hermos produced , has been up to international standards. Its core components imported from Japan and Germany , and the control software is developed by Hermos, which makes it convenient to optimize and upgrade. Double end face grinding machine is a kind of high efficient flat machine , grinding two parallel surface at the same time in one process. It can be divided into horizontal and vertical according to the structure and also can be divided into throughout type, disk and reciprocating type according to feeding mode . The technology Hemors used in CNC double end grinding machine making is at the leading level in China and also advanced all over the world .