Samarium Oxide

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Samarium Oxide, also called Samaria, Samarium has a high neutron absorption capacity, Samarium Oxides have specialized uses in glass, phosphors, lasers, and thermoelectric devices. Calcium chloride crystals treated with samarium have been employed in lasers which produce beams of light intense enough to burn metal or bounce off the moon. Formula: Sm2O3 CAS No.: 12060-58-1 Molecular Weight: 348.80 Appearance: Light yellow Solubility: Insoluble in water, moderately soluble in strong mineral acids Stability: Slightly hygroscopic Purity¡Ý99.9% TREO¡Ý99% LOI¡Ü1.0% Rare Earth Impurities: Pr6O11¡Ü100ug/g Nd2O3¡Ü100ug/g Eu2O3¡Ü100ug/g Gd2O3¡Ü100ug/g Y2O3¡Ü50ug/g Non Rare Earth Impurities: Fe2O3¡Ü10ug/g SiO2¡Ü50ug/g CaO¡Ü200ug/g Al2O3¡Ü200ug/g Cl-¡Ü100ug/g

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PRYSMAG GROUP, founded in 1996, is a satisfaction focused company. As one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of rare earth products, we have been helping our customers accomplish their ideas and address their questions and concerns for over 18 years with expertise and a wide range of customizable products including rare earth oxides, rare earth metals, rare earth phosphors, rare earth magnets and other rare earth new materials