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ZM2107 Central Air Conditioner Trainer I. Overview 1. Function demonstration: it can demonstration structure and work principle of central air conditioner. The central air conditioner can be divided into four parts according to its functions to make students grasp and know it more easily. 2. Training function: the training function is rich and strong. Students can know work principle of central air conditioner through practice training operation. 3. Trouble setup function: there are 26 trouble points in the system and circuits. The students can check and find out troubles from control circuit and system. So it can improve students¡¯ practical operation ability and problem analysis talents greatly. 4. Testing function: the trouble can be set up in advance, students can use multi meter and trouble to find out and judge troubles. II. Equipment configuration 1.The central air conditioner is consist of host system, water circulation system, central control system, guestroom system, and lobby system. 2.The hose system is consist of a set of refrigeration engine group and a set of heating five sets of water pump driver, a set of catchment facility, various valves, pressure meter and exhaust valve.

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