Machine for Residential Cement Railings Molding

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Dec,31, 2021

Feature Power: low power consumption,220v,total power 3.4KW Technology: High automation,operation is simple and convenience, Low cost for maintenance (less than $20/year ), Full steel structure. 20-30 years service life. Function: High speed production, 3 min/pic. It is capable of any kind of pattern, specification and height (between 0.2 m- 1.8 m) for ceramic type of vase column, Artistic fence column, shapes can be adjusted. Unique high strength and high-speed centrifugal rotation,which greatly improved production speed and lower the cost. No need a lot of molds imputed, strong output of 260-300 pieces per day. Latest technology: colored by machine, no need manual spraying.(this technique has been applied for national patent in 2004) Advantage Compared to hand mold, our machine has some Advantages bellow: only 2-3 minutes/pic, productivity increased 15-20 times; Decrease the total cost of product and operation fee by 70%; Use less than 80% of the site area; No need mold,just need one forming axis; Change the solid to empty, smooth surface, good quality; Without polishing and painting, formed in any color one need manual spraying. Style is changeable, using the mechanical forming technology, short production can be designed and produced according to yous samples. Low cost of raw materials.cement,sand, reinforcements and other materials, Turn waste to treasure. Shape and specification are changeable, including length ,thickness and styles.

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