Natural Food Preservative Natamycin

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Detail 1. Natmycin :The biological natural food preservatives. 2. Better color and solubility 3. 50 g free samples. 4. ISO9001 / halal, kosher/ISO22000 5. Natmycin 50%. Product supply Natmycin 50% ,95% biological preservatives Natamycin Natural Food Preservative Detail Name: Natamycin Natural Food Preservative Appearance: White Active ingredient: 50% 95% Introduction of the Natamycin Natural Food Preservative 1. Natamycin Natural Food Preservative is a kind of natural antifungal products divided into polyene macrocyclic lactone content, can be produced in the fermentation process Bacterium Streptomyces. 2. Natamycin Natural Food Preservative is widely not only inhibit the growth of different mould and yeast, but also inhibit the production of toxins,it can be widely used in food antiseptic and antifungal, mold, yeasts treatment. 3. It has no effect on bacteria, so it does not interfere with the natural ripening process of yogurt, cheese, fresh ham,sausage, etc. The advantage of Natamycin Natural Food Preservative 1. Effectively inhibit the yeast, fungi, mold. 2. The influence of non-toxic, tasteless, neutral flavor. 3. Extend the shelf life of food. 4. Replace the traditional chemical preservatives. 5. Does not affect the useful bacteria. 6. Cost efficiency due to the effect of small doses but stronger effect. Natamycin Natural Food Preservative security 1. Natmycin is non-toxic to human body,is considered to be safe (food grade),It is not used for clinical purposes, no obvious cross-resistance of bacteria which may affect antibiotic therapy,and quickly enzyme digestion as amino acids in the human stomach. 2. Add:0.3 mg/kg(Food and agriculture organization /World Health Organization,In 1994) The quality of Natamycin Natural Food Preservative 1. Natamycin Natural Food Preservative is non-toxic to human body, have non any effect that cause cancer,after mutagenesis or allergic reaction,observe the using effect . It main inhibits gram-negative bacteria, such as mold and yeast and fungi. 2. Add 0.3 mg/kg(Food and agriculture organization /World Health Organization,In 1994) 3. Application in the food safet(FDA,172.155,2000) ,LD50:2.73 g/kg (in mature male mice) About us We are the world's largest maker of Natmycin. History: established in 2006. HALAL/KOSHER /ISO22000/ISO9001 Certification:HALAL/KOSHER /ISO22000/ISO9001 Factory summary 1. The preparation of the factory:More than 90000 square meters, six production lines. 2. The fermentation equipment: 1200 cubic meters. 3. Employee: 560 employees including 53 r&d personnel. 4. The main production equipment: 36 fermentation tanks, four air compressors, six sets of equipments 5. The fermentation container, spray drying tower. 6. Testing equipment: UV, HPLC, GC is available. 7. Inspection: the strict inspection and quality control during production process.

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Amtech Biotech Co.,Ltd is located in Qiqihar of Heilongjiang,China;established in 2006.We have more than 500 workers.Amtech Biotech Co.,Ltd is the leading world science and technology natural food additive supplier and professional manufacturer.Which have natural preservatives(nisin,natamycin),microbial medium peptone and other natural food additive products.Our main markets is Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Central America, Western Europe, Eastern Asia.