High Quality Food Preservative Nisin for food

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Food Preservative Nisin introduction Nisin with high inhibition of gram-positive streptococcus activity, especially the spore forming bacteria Food Preservative Nisin detail Name: Nisin 1414-45-5 Appearance: White Active ingredients:potency Standard 1. Nisin biological natural food preservatives 2. Better color and solubility 3. free sample 50g 4. ISO9001 / halal, kosher/ISO2200 5. Nisin high purity Advantages 1. Extend the shelf life of products 2. Improve and alternative to chemical preservatives safely 3. Cost at low dose and high efficiency 4. Can reduce the processing time and temperature. 5. The available in the fermentation products (does not affect bacteria) 6. To reduce heat treatment and machining time. 7. Inhibition of post - acidification cheese 8. No obvious cross-resistance to antibiotics. 9. Stability of heating. Method of use About 5% aqueous solution preparation firstly with cold water or distilled water (pH4 best dilution citric acid or acetic acid solution),and then immediately put it into the food and stir. Or put it directly into food and stir well. Nisin security 1. Nisin non-toxic, manufacturers of l. lactis (food grade) is considered to be safe;It is not used for clinical purposes, no obvious cross-resistance of bacteria which may affect antibiotic therapy, and quickly absorb the amino acid enzymes in the stomach of the body. 2. Adidas: 33000 IU/kg (fao/who, 1994) The quality of Nisin 1. Our products is on line with international norms, including the fao/who, the European Union,and the FDA.It is made in accordance with the China light industry qb2394-2007 standard, and conform to therequirements of agriculture of the People's Republic of China standard NY/t392-2000 used in the production of green food additives. 2. We provide technical team to test the effectiveness of the peptide in food products, and the using of streptococcus and assist customers in the application development test. About us We are the world's largest Nisin Manufacturer - - - - - History: established in 2006 - - - - - -Certificate:HALAL/KOSHER ISO22000/ISO9100. 1>>The preparation of factory: More than 90000 square meters, six production lines. 2>>The fermentation equipment: 1200 cubic meters 3>>Employee: 560 employees including 53 r&d personnel 4>>The main production equipment: 36 fermentation tanks, four air compressors, six sets of equipments. 5>>The fermentation container, spray drying tower. 6>>Testing equipment: UV, HPLC, GC is available. 7>>Inspection: the strict inspection and quality control during production process.

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Amtech Biotech Co.,Ltd is located in Qiqihar of Heilongjiang,China;established in 2006.We have more than 500 workers.Amtech Biotech Co.,Ltd is the leading world science and technology natural food additive supplier and professional manufacturer.Which have natural preservatives(nisin,natamycin),microbial medium peptone and other natural food additive products.Our main markets is Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Central America, Western Europe, Eastern Asia.