HI-OX240E Bi-directional Speed Governor for MRL

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Dec,31, 2020

HI-OX240E is the two-way machine-room-less speed governor. If the elevator descends with excessive speed, the descending brake will be used to support the general descending safety gear, enable the safety gear, and stop the car, playing the role of descending overspeed protection. If the elevator ascends with excessive speed, the overspeed switch can be turned off to cut off the power and stop the car. If the car dosen't stop due to some reason, the electrical switch will be operated to enable the electronic rope clamp, so as to control the overspeed protection on the elevator car. The electromagnet switch can be used to detect the actuation of the speed governor, and detect the elevator. The remote automatic reset is available. Rated speed: less than or equal to 0.63m/s Wire rope diameter (mm):6,6.3,8 Sheave diameter (mm): 240 Tension force: more than or equal to 1000N Super switch voltage grade: AC220V/DC24V Switch voltage grade: AC220V/DC24V Action magnet voltage grade: AC220V/DC24V

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