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Medical value: 1, Kill bacteria: garlic contains sulfocompound which could strongly fight bacteria and diminish inflammation. Restrain and kill various bacteria and virus such as coccus, bacillus, fungus. 2, Prevent and cure cancer: Ge and Se in garlic could restrain the development of cancer cell. 3, Eliminate toxin and clean colon, prevent colon disease. 4, Lower blood sugar, prevent diabetes. Garlic could promote the secretion of insulin, enhance the absorption of glucose by body cells, improve human glucose tolerance. 5, Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Garlic could prevent the fat deposition in heart and cerebral vessels, induce fat metabolism, significantly increase the fibrinolysis dissolution, lower cholesterol. 6, Prevent influenza: there is a kind of material called allylic Sulfides in garlic which could kill pathogenic bacteria and parasites to prevent any cold. 7, Anti-fatigue: eliminate fatigue and gather strength. 8, Anti-aging: Some nutrients in garlic is similar to vitamin E and C which could fight oxidation to prevent aging. 9, Protect liver: the microelement Se in garlic could eliminate toxin and lighten the detoxification through the aerobic metabolism of blood, thus protecting the liver. 10, Anti-allergy: Eating garlic every day could lighten the allergy reaction especially due to temperature chance. Specs: 4.0cm 4.5cm 5.0cm 5.5cm 6.0cm£¬ 7.0cm

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