pyrometallurgy lead smelting equipment

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Dec,31, 2024

Blast furnace is the shaft furnace of metallurgical equipment.Blast furnace is used for melting furnace burden(ore,sinter or pellet) that contains metal components,melting need to add air or happen in oxygen-rich conditions,only do like this,we can get sulfur or furnace metal. The blast furnace is one of the most important metallurgical equipment,it has the following characteristics:high thermal efficiency,high specific productivity(specific capacity),high metal recovery rate,low cost,less covering area and so on. The blast furnace is composed of furnace foundation,furnace bottom,furnace hearth,furnace body,furnace top(including feeding device),furnace holder,blower system,water-cooling or evaporated cooling system,melt release device and external crucible.

Company Profile

Henan Longjiang Metallurgical Chemical Equipment Co. Ltd. is located in the "Hometown of Yu Gong" - jiyuan city, Henan province. Jiyuan is the most signification commodity gathering and distribution place which connecting southeast and northwest, is called energy base, electric power base, base for lead and zinc smelting, coal chemical industry base and building material base. It is one of the most active and potential regions. Our company is specialized in manufacturing non-ferrous metallurgy furnace; it has been approved and registered by the relevant departments of the state. Our main products include copper and lead blast furnace, furnace, sintering machine, converter, silver smelting furnace, pipeline, belt steel vestibule and other non-ferrous metallurgical equipment.