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Dec,31, 2023

Carbon black N330 is the most widely used high abrasion furnace black. Its iodine adsorption value is 82¡À7 g/kg, and DBP adsorption is 102¡À7 cm3/100g. The abrasion of the N330 compounds is lower than ISAF compounds but better than those of channel black-compounds. Carbon black N330 has good re-inforcement, resulting in good tensile properties, crack resistance, abrasion and elasticity. The hysteresis loss of the passenger tire filled with N330 is lower than the compounds with other N300 series except N351. The N330 has good dispersion and extrusion properties too, suitable for various synthetic rubbers and natural rubbers. Contact:Susie Zhang Email:susie(AT)xycarbonblack(DOT)com

Company Profile

Established in Jan 2004 , Zaozhuang Xinyuan Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional factory specializing in the production of various pigment carbon blacks . We make use of advanced technology and produce a variety of high color carbon black , medium one and common one . The typical character of the above carbon black is excellent dispersion, stable color tone , high purity and good fluidity , high tinting strength. It can be widely used in plastics , color masterbatch , coatings , ink , fibers , sealants , leather clothing , carbon powder,papermaking ,ceramics and construction materials ; ... etc . Our company owns professional R & D team , suppling our customers with professional “ technical support ” and customized services . We modulate the best formula and manufacturing technique for customers as quickly as possible against their demand of the goods designing , so that let customers’ products concept come true . At the meantime , we can supply services of professional consult in several areas and technical support . Our company is still pioneering , we adopt best-in-class manufacturing equipments and international managing methods so that make our raw material’s quality reach the most advanced level in China and the best raw materials abroad .