PVC Drainage Stereo Cross

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UPVC PIPE FITTINGS FORE FEATURES: 1. Materialized excellent performance.UPVC pipes, fittings corrosion resistance, resistance to blunt high strength, fluid resistance small, compared with diameter iron pipe flow increased by 30%, ageing resistance and long service life.According to the ministry of construction fujian pilot data show that use fixed number of year for 30 to 50 years, is building drainage, the drainage materials ideal. 2. Easy installation, qualitative light, durable, and obviously accelerate the progress of the projects and reduce the construction cost. 3. Saving construction cost, use UPVC pipes, fittings with the same specifications than cast iron piping system of comprehensive cost is low. 4. The product is given priority to be white, the color and luster is lively, bright and clean and smooth. To use the company's products can make the building environment clean relaxed atmosphere produce the sense of time. UPVC PIPE FITTINGS FORE ADVANTAGES: 1.Cheaper (by meter of pipe),low cost. 2. Recyclable,UPVC drainage fittings can be recycled. 3. Light weight,easier to transport and install (lightness). 4. Less energy consumption during production and product cycle life. 5. Less pressure drop related to the good flow properties (smooth internal surface, no attachment of internal sediments. 6. No corrosion,non toxic and odorless. 7. Less maintenance (long lifetime),more than 50 years under proper use. 8. Chemical resistance, resist chemical matters or electronic chemical corrosion. 9.Standard by ISO9001 for more information and products, welcome to view our website http://www.dwvpipefittings.com/

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