Dated : 22 Nov,2017



"Change is inevitable. Will you drive that change or be driven by it?"

--Josh Linkner, venture capitalist and author

Matrix net on-line Limited is relaunching their business to business portal: “” to provide better opportunity to business owners to enter Asian as well as global market at the lower cost possible by introducing sellers/buyers thru the portal.  

The portal will be catering to Asian manufacturers and suppliers to Asian Market as well as have separate section to provide support of marketing and distribution to the registered members who are interested to enter North American, European, and African market. 

The portal will be the information source and trends in the global market, which will help registered members to build their marketing strategy accordingly.

To accommodate support to buyers and seller for marketing, meetings, negotiations, and logistics, will be building marketing/support teams in major cities of Asian continent in starting and in other continents as well in the future. is expecting to cater US$1Billion Trade activity thru the portal by 2019.

Also, is working to arrange funding of approximately US$2 Billions to expands their business model by building its own infrastructure of warehouses and logistics systems in major free zone cities of Asian continent.  

Mobile App - mobile app will be available soon on Android and Apple platform.

Team:  Founder and CEO, Mr. Keshav Gandhi, who been in International Trading business since 1987 and built a reputable image in business community.  Co-founder, Dr. Arvind Chartuvedi has chrisma of building networking and marketing strategies.  Co-founder, Mr. Raman Deep Gandhi is technical management guru who made all this possible.

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