Group Work Win Co.Ltd, China

Floor 10 of Block B,Shijihuarun Buliding Weifang China ,261041

About Company

SHANDONG GROUPWORKWIN CO., a company specializes in supplying the best farm equipment and garden equipment, and all our products is competitive quality and price. Our aim in recent 10 years is that we will be the most advanced China farm mechanical company, and make all the customers satisfied is our final goal. our service includes: sale of equipment, accessories, tool maintenance and training. Our have a very big and wide sale branch chain, and we can supply complete service and products chain. In this way, we can supply farm equipment and after sale service to the customers all over the world Developing new customers and maintaining relationship with existing customers and strengthening the relationships between the customers and us; working more than expected; supplying the equipment of high quality and high function all over the world, working better for the customers and win their trust. Our products cultivated land equipment£ºtractor£»rotary tiller£»micro tiller£»walking tractor planting equipment: rice transplanter£»planter/seeder plant protection equipment£ºsprayer£»Atomizer£»lawn mower£» harvest equipment: Combine harvester£»Corn sheller£»Peanut sheller vegetable and grains drier: