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Dongying Goodfaith Agricultural Technology Co.,Ltd is located at No.72, FuQian Street, Dongying, Shandong ,China. is one leading professional importer of Edible oil Derivative and exporter of oilseeds. Our main imported and exported edible oil derivative: Soybean Oil Deodorized Distillate、Corn Oil Deodorized Distillate、Mixed Oil Deodorized Distillate、Soybean Acid Oil、Fatty Acid、Vegetable Pitch、Used Cooking Oil, Mixed Tocopherol, Crude phytosterol, Crude Lecithin, Soy Isoflavones, Glycerin and so on. Our main exported adn imported oilseeds: Sesame、Castor Seed、Sunflower Seed、Safflower Seed、Perillaseed、Hazelnut and so on. We warmly welcome you to our company and built long -term cooperation ship ! 

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