Nioa Electronics Limited, China

No.1515 Shiliang Road, Shawan, Panyu ,510000

About Company

About Nioa Electronics Ltd Nioa Electronics Limited is a Professional Stocking Distributor of Electronic Components and buyer of OEM Excess stock of electronic components. Keeping the high technology and powerful teams, Nioa Electronics has made great contribution to the development of digital products and many other areas. Nioa's products are introduced into more than 30 counties, spreading and influencing rapidly. Additionally, Noia Electronics are widely used in PC, broadband, mobile network and information appliance. Our Advantages: 1. Authentic electronic components, 360 DAYS GUARANTEE and escrow payment. 2. SHORT LEAD TIME(our own stock) 3. FAST REPLY ON QUOTATION 4. NO OR LESS CUSTOMS DUTY FOR YOU. Our efforts are focused on assisting manufacturing corporations with all their supply chain management initiatives by helping them reduce their number of vendors, obtain volume discounts, process invoices and expedite shipments. Contact Information: NIOA ELECTRONICS LIMITED ADD: No.1515 Shiliang Road, Shawan, Panyu distric, Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province Skype: Anastasia520530