OPOS Xiamen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., China

4F NO.52 Huli Ave, Huli District ,361006

About Company

Founded in 2005, OPOS (XIAMEN) ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a developing company with well-equipped manufacturing facilities in Xiamen City of China. OPOS continues striving to be a leading thermal printer mechanism provider in the areas of POS, medical and banking as well as consumer electronics. OPOS provides a competitive cost with an accelerated time to market. Our ultimate goal is to keep our customers carefree in the development and manufacturing stage, so that they can optimize their resources in marketing their brand and extending services. The predominant geological location, located in Xiamen City of China, is easy access to airports, highways and ports ensures easy accessibility to local raw material sources, an abundance of low-cost labor, a vast of technical workforce and timely flow of finished products. OPOS’ quality management is accredited to prestigious international standards ISO9001. With our philosophy of continuous improvement and total customer satisfaction, OPOS is committed to providing unsurpassed services to our customers through excellent delivery of quality products. Our experienced R&D team is ready to serve as your extended arms offering value-added and quality design and manufacturing. For more information or to arrange a factory tour, please contact us.